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We’re a full-service home mortgage company, offering a variety of financing options to make your dreams of home ownership come true. Whether you need an adjustable rate mortgage, jumbo loan or an FHA loan, we’re here to help.

Our team will guide you through the financing process, helping you select the right loan to meet your financial goals. The personalized service and support you’ll receive is first-rate, guiding you through the pitfalls in the home mortgage and real estate markets. You can trust First Coast Financial to be your industry insider, during the home purchasing process.

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Success Stories:

First Coast Financial is simply AMAZING! My fiancé and I were introduced to Chris by our fabulous realtor. She guaranteed us that he was honest, extremely professional and easy to work with. Indeed Chris was all of that and so much more. His professionalism exceeded all of our expectations. We were so impressed that we decided to recently refinance with him. Chris was always on our team!


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Why did my Realtor refer me to you?

A “high quality” realtor knows that the key to a successful transaction means TEAMWORK with a professional mortgage broker. Any experienced realtor could tell you horror stories about times when a client made a poor choice of a mortgage company, and ended up with big surprises at the closing table, or worse, no closing taking place at all!

A good realtor will form relationships with trusted individuals who have proven themselves time and time again, so that they know you will be given the excellent service that you deserve. It is important to know that your realtor is NOT given any compensation or “kickbacks” for referring you to a mortgage broker.

As a mortgage professional, I desire more referrals, both from you and your realtor, so consider the extra motivation this provides for us to take great care with your satisfaction!

What does it mean to be a mortgage broker?

Unlike banks, mortgage brokers specialize only in mortgage lending. Unlike mortgage companies (Countrywide, Wells Fargo, etc..) who can only offer their own products, mortgage brokers have the ability to use many different companies products, thereby providing you with a larger variety of options and choices for your financing. Instead of being captive to whatever pricing one particular company chooses to offer, we can shop the competition and pass the savings on to you.

Does it cost more to work with a broker?

Normally the cost is less, and here’s why. We originate, close and fund mortgage loans and deliver them to the nations largest mortgage servicers for less than the cost they would pay to originate the loan themselves. As one of the premier mortgage brokers in Southern California, we receive better pricing than most, and you can benefit from our savings.

Is 20% of the price of a new home required as a down payment?

No, there is no set amount that you must put down. Mortgage loans can now be tailored to fit each home buyer’s needs and financial resources. The standard was 20 percent, but lenders today recognize that 20 percent of the sales price is a tremendous amount of cash for most first-time buyers. Today first-time buyers commonly put down 3.5, 5 or 10 percent of the sales price, and you might be surprised to learn that some first-time homebuyer programs allow 100 percent financing – that’s right, zero down payment. (VA Loans are an example)
For down payments of less than 20%, mortgage insurance (MI) will be required and associated costs will apply.

Why and how do interest rates change?

Many people are surprised to learn that rates change on a daily and sometimes hourly basis. Interest rates fluctuate in response to changes in the financial markets. The bond market is generally a good indicator of the general trend of interest rates.

Can young people get loans?

Age makes little difference. Most first-time homebuyers are in their twenties or thirties. In fact, 50% or more of new home mortgages are made to people under 35. Many prospective home owners worry that they must fit a particular profile in order to qualify for a loan.

It’s not true.

The fact is, among all the things that mortgage lenders look at, the most important – whatever your background – are these: what is your income compared to the debt you’re currently carrying, what is your credit history, and how much do you have in savings.

Are mortgage payments more expensive than rent?

If you’re paying rent, you might be surprised to see how little the difference is between making home payments. In many cases, mortgage payments can be close to, or even less than your current rent payment. Besides this, owning a home is a solid, long term investment which offers substantial tax benefits… something renting just can’t compete with.

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